Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah Barracuda Strikes Back

One of the few things Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has said about herself that is actually true is that she was known as Sarah Barracuda in high school. After last night's speech at the Republican national convention we know why. She sure wasn't Miss Congeniality (whether she was Miss Congeniality in the Wasilla, Alaska queen contest is open to some question. Her Wikkipedia entry used to say she was. Then the St. Louis Post-Dispatch carried an article that a St. Louis woman, Amy Gwin, is saying that was false; Ms. Gwin was Miss Congeniality. Now, the Post-Dispatch article has been scrubbed of the paragraph about the Miss Congeniality dispute. So who knows. Maybe the Post-Dispatch got threatened with a lawsuit. More about Palin lawsuits below.)

What the speech last night told us is that Sarah Barracuda can read really well. The speech was actually written by the McCain campaign when the speech writers still thought the vice presidential candidate was going to be a man and was tweaked of course with some personal references. I thought her joke about the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull being lipstick was probably something she inserted herself, maybe even ad libbed; it had that feeling of authenticity.

As regular readers know I have been underwhelmed by the choice of Joe Biden as Obama's running mate, and another thing last night's speech shows us is that she will eat Biden alive in the vice presidential debate coming up in October unless he has a major personality transplant. He is, as Karl Rove said, "a big blowhard doofus." When Biden tries to overwhelm the Barracuda with all of his "foreign policy experience," she will just wrinkle her pretty little nose, grin and say that she has lived "right next to Russia" all her life, and he won't know what to say. That is, if she lasts on the ticket long enough to debate Biden.

Gov. Barracuda has more skeletons in her closet than a Halloween costume shop. She is still making false statements, like the one again last night about opposing the Bridge to Nowhere, which is astonishing since it is well documented that she was all for it until Congress cut off the funds. Although McCain decided to go with his gut rather than bother to thoroughly vet her, the truth will out. We already know she lied about not pressuring the state police to fire her ex-brother-in-law (maybe the ex-brother-in-law, should have been fired, but that's not the point; the point is that Gov. Barracuda said she did not put pressure on the State Police and she did.) The Washington Post has now gotten hold of some of her emails. Now that the heat is on, she is refusing to be deposed under oath about what happened, after having once promised to cooperate with the investigation (which is by a Republican legislature, by the way.) The McCain campaign got the governor lawyered up, remembering what happened to Bill Clinton when he gave a deposition under oath.

Even more intriguingly, word is out that the McCain campaign is threatening the
National Enquirer with a lawsuit for printing that Gov. Barracuda had an affair with her husband's business partner. We all know you cannot believe a word the National Enquirer writes, just ask John Edwards.

Given the incredulity of the folks in Alaska to the Barracuda's sudden elevation to the national spotlight, I doubt we have heard the last of the revelations about her. I can hardly wait.


Anonymous said...

I would certainly expect that there's more to learn about Sarah. She clearly is positioning herself to be vicious as only a good looking woman can be. It is disgraceful to see someone seeking the highest office in our country using some of the worst (female) tricks in the books. I would never have expected that a candidate of either party would have to go up against high heels, lipstick and batting eyelashes.

rdl said...

oh my do tell - a soap opera in the making or already made. I won't be ok until this show is over and Obama is in the White House!!

PG said...

Don't hold your breath, RDL. O, major dicho, no olvides de respirar!

forsythia said...

I'm still sputtering over her comparison of herself to a pitbull. A 9-year-old pitbull is living with us right now. He's a gentleman, a dollbaby, a sweetie pie. (I guess you and Aunt Tillie can tell I'm not Amish.)

"Sarah, I know pitbulls, and you are no pitbull."

Crockhead said...

Anonymous, I hate to see good looking women denigrated. There's really no correlation between looks and viciousness. Karl Rove wouldn't win any beauty contests. And, as for the high heels, lipstick and batting eyelashes, bring them on. Governor Barracuda has already made this political season more interesting.

rdl, I share your angst.

forsythia, I, too, know a very sweet tempered pitbull. I think the governor was just telling a joke, based on stereotypes. (And, no, you're definitely not Amish.)

Prairie Gourmet said...

That pitbull joke has to be at least 20 years old. When I heard it,it was "soccer mom" not "hockey mom."