Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Barracuda Report: Palin Charges State To Stay In Her Own Home

Slowly, slowly, the truth is coming out. Governor Barracuda, who contrary to the McCain campaign's claims did not sell the Alaska state airplane on e-bay for a profit and did not oppose the Bridge to No-Where, has been charging Alaska taxpayers a per diem to stay in her own home. The Washington Post is reporting today that she has been paid almost $17,000 for staying in her own home 312 nights during her first 19 months in office. Per diems, as anyone knows who has to travel on business, are intended to reimburse employees who travel on business for meals and incidental expenses like taxi fares, without making them turn in receipts for every little thing. Do you get away with charging your employer a per diem when you stay at home? I doubt it. How does Sarah Barracuda get away with it? Well, the official governor's mansion is in Juneau. Governor Barracuda, like our own Governor Blowhardovich, prefers to live in her own home in Wasilla and work out of a state office building 45 miles away in Anchorage. As bad as Blowhardovich is, even he would not dare bill taxpayers for staying in his own house in Chicago.

Slowly, slowly, the Palin balloon will deflate as the vetting McCain did not do before his impulsive selection gets done by the press. Don't panic Obama supporters.


Dan S said...

Crockhead, don't you know it's sexist to criticize The Barracuda?


Lydia said...

But it's getting harder by the day not to panic, when I keep hearing my fellow Americans say things like "She seems nice. She'd do a good job." They have not noticed or cared about book banning, unethical firings, making women pay for their rape kits, not supporting a woman's right to choose even in the case of rape or incest, taking funding away from teenage pregnancy centers, per diem improprieties, etc. They just notice that she's pretty, spunky, and "nice".

Michigan, which should know better, has stopped leaning Obama. That loss was in white women, who apparently really like the "hockey mom" bit.

Ok, so yesterday I was the one telling people not to panic. But today I'm a little less sanguine. Mainly cuz I'm remembering the Last election. *eyes the electorate Warily*

becky said...

I too have been discouraged to hear about the Palin attraction and how people seem to be blinded by the headlights. They seem unable to take the facts in consideration - it must be the suspicion of the "spin" makers.

From loss of personal choice to rape of the landscape (while dismissing serious environmental issues)this woman has much more on her personal agenda.

Make note that both Sarah and her daughter, Bristol had the legal right to CHOOSE but she will do her best to make sure that young women in the future will not.

rdl said...

I hope you are right! Those Republicans are scaring me - they are the masters at smears and lies and now Palin is the darling of the bible belt. I think you should go to the Obama website and sign up to write a blog for them - you are so good at it.

Rachel said...

Crockhead, will you move to Cuba with me if Palin wins? I cannot, for the life of me, understand how anyone can find her nice, spunky, or even remotely capable of being the Prez. For Pete's sake she can't even handle Meet the Press yet. This woman makes me embarrassed to be of the same gender.