Thursday, September 25, 2008

Funnier Than A Saturday Night Parody

Here's Governor Barracuda valiantly struggling to explain to Katie Couric how Alaska being sandwiched between Russia and Canada gives her foreign policy experience. This is unreal! Now that Congress has agreed on a bail-out plan (and did so before McCain got there to "help,") what excuse is he going to use to try to keep Governor Barracuda from debating next week. I guarantee you that he will come up with something. She makes Bush sound glib.


rdl said...

OMG- Now the Republicans would've already had this in a attack ad - tho i bet the Obama campaign is dying to use it.

Anonymous said...

She's beyond words ! I can't wait for her to explain her understanding of the financial crisis. It will go something like this "I've got experience with similar finances, it's like our bridge in Alaska but requires more money for wall on a street in New York"

Very snotty attitude (if I can use a grade school term)