Wednesday, September 03, 2008

JACK Report: A Recording Session

This has not turned into a political blog, although there is plenty more I could post about McCain's impulsive pick of the Ex-Beauty Queen as his vice presidential running mate. That will come later, but first some more important stuff.

As some of you know, Google helps me keep track of Son Number Two who is reticent about what he is doing. So, I have Google searches working 24/7 to find out anything they can find out about the JACK Quartet and Son Number Two, and to email me any alerts. Several days ago, I started getting alerts about entries in Kevin Keller's Journal about practices he was doing with JACK for an upcoming CD recording project. Keller is an established composer and recording artist with several CDs to his credit already. Anyway, he has posted a YouTube video of parts of the recording session with JACK on Sunday of his new piece called Riding the Purple Twilight.and here it is.

Son Number Two and The Girlfriend spent five days with us last week and did a house concert at the home of The Humble Philosopher. Here is a picture from the house concert. We had just under 40 people there. The music was accessible and the tips were generous, so I would say it was a successful concert. And while I'm posting pictures that will get me into trouble, here is one of the cute couple in our back yard.

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rdl said...

How exciting and very cute couple indeed.
And I for one can't wait to read more of your very insightful political blog as i am disgusted/depressed after watching the damn Republicans spread there lies.