Friday, September 12, 2008

Ask John McCain: Is Governor Barracuda Qualified?

When John McCain was in the Republican primary, he said Rudy Giuliani's eight years as mayor of New York City was not enough experience to be president. And, the four years that Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts was not enough experience. Sarah Barracuda has less experience than Giuliani and Romney had at their jobs. She was mayor of Wasilla, Alaska (it's laughable to even compare that with being mayor of NYC) for six years, two less than Giuliani, and has been governor of Alaska for less than two years, two less than Romney. But don't believe me, watch what McCain said from his own mouth.

The main point though isn't so much whether Palin is qualified or not qualified as it is the willingness of John McCain to say whatever it takes to get votes, even if what he says directly contradicts what he has said before, and his impulsiveness in selecting a running mate without adequate vetting. Truth doesn't matter to the McCain campaign. They have adopted Karl Rove tactics, whole hog (and you can't put lipstick on that pig.)


forsythia said...

Oh, give the ol' geezer a break. He probably has trouble remembering what he had for breakfast, let alone what he said 5 or 10 months ago. I'm a geezerette, so I oughta know.

rdl said...

another great post!!! keep em comin! and i still would love for you to write something for the obama campaign - go on the website ( do it for a fellow Leo - obama and me :D) They are looking for people to review and write letters to newspapers on the latest slanderous book that just came out the is in the front of Borders and other bookstores now.
think about it!
you know i can only tell jokes (the ex bartender); i get all tongue tied if i try to discuss politics - you on the other hand can do it so well.

Gene in Columbus said...

As an Obama supporter, I really don't want fellow Democrats to try to bring up Palin's lack of qualifications to be VP. I feel Obama will be a great Prez - but we will get hammered in the arguement of who's more qualified.

Crockhead said...

I disagree, Anonymous Gene. Do you think the Republicans won't bring it up? The video shows McCain saying being governor doesn't qualify you, that takes away the only qualification Palin has. The best qualification is does the person have good judgment. McCain has shown that he doesn't have good judgment. On issue after issue, he is having to back track from previous positions and adopt Obama's. I'll argue all day about Obama's qualfiications to be president as opposed to McCain's.