Thursday, February 04, 2010

This Is Not Bragging; It's Just Posting Some Music

I stumbled upon this YouTube video this morning. I am not bragging about my offspring's violin playing. It probably isn't even that good. It might not be. It's just interesting -- to me (and it's my blog, so there.)


cile said...

I don't know that worrying about bragging should even be on your radar.. By listening I would say that he stands alone as a talent and, I suspect, a father's support goes a long way in bring him to this moment in time. Congratulations on having a son - and not just a son but a son who is a fine musician!

BTW Crockhead, you can adjust the width of that YouTube post by changing the 'width' in the the HTML tab option in your dashboard. Although I can see it better larger!

rdl said...

i hope yr. son doesn't read yr blog. :D
it is very interesting and good!

sculptress said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm too late on the scene to see the you tube video; I'm getting a message that it's been removed by the user? I missed it !