Saturday, February 20, 2010

An Excerpt of What the Parents Are Up Against Tonight

Opera Cabal has a video which it calls a trailer, but is actually a seven-minute excerpt of the opera, UW, which we're going to Chicago to see. Although only a small part of the video, there is a great deal of tennis-ball-throwing-against-the-sheet action. Parents will do anything for their children.


forsythia said...

Oh, dear. I must be such a Philistine. This sounds like the aura of a migraine headache.

becky said...

I'm so glad that you were able to see Chris and Emily!

I watched the whole clip and wondered what qualifies it as an opera until I finally caught a few bars of singing.

Meanwhile, we're sticking to watching curling and figure skating at the Winter Olympics (TV of course)

Crockhead said...

Oh, Forsythia, you're not a Philistine. A Samaritan, maybe, but a good Samaritan.

Becky, in the program notes, the director of the opera states that the most-asked question is "You call this opera?" Even the singing you heard at the end of the clip was a recording, not live singing. I've seen it twice now and that's enough. But it was wonderful to see Chris and Emily.