Friday, October 03, 2008

Why I Feel Good Today


rdl said...

YES!!! but i just read the republicans are starting the dirty smears again. trying to link Barack to the 60's weatherman radical(?) Ayers. I hope we don't start seeing more of this garbage. I'm still worried and think i will be until this is over and he is President!
Going to New Hampshire tmrrw. to campaign - wish me luck!

Crockhead said...

I don't think the smears will work anymore. They've tried the Ayers thing before. Obama and Ayers happened to be on boards at the same time on a foundation to improve Chicago schools set up by Ambassador Walter Annenberg, a Republican who owned TV Guide. To think that the McCain campaign thinks that somehow reflects on Obama's patriotism shows how little they have to work with.
Good luck in New Hampshire. It should be beautiful up there this weekend.

Lydia said...

YAY! Keep those positive polls coming!

I agree, the Ayers thing is such a ridiculous stretch. I'm hoping swing voters in swing states are seeing through the smears!

Gnightgirl said...

Whoo hoo!