Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cranky Old Man Report: McCain's Transition Chief Lobbied for Hussein

The ineptness of the McCain campaign is unbelievable. Now it comes out that the head of his transition team, William Timmons, headed up a lobbying team for Saddam Hussein right after the first Iraq war. The same guy who vetted Governor Barracuda must have been in charge of vetting Timmons for his job.
Speaking of Governor Barracuda, she's still at it. She's telling people that she was vindicated by the Republican legislature's investigation of her role in firing the head of the Alaska State Police because he wouldn't further punish her ex-brother-in-law. The Anchorage Daily News says that she is either astoundingly ignorant or downright Orwellian. The Anchorage Daily News is too kind. I don't think Palin could possibly be that ignorant nor smart enough to know what Orwellian even is.

I love Rachel Maddow. There is no smarter pundit on television right now. As usual, she nailed Governor Barracuda for her lies about the ethics investigation better than anyone.


forsythia said...

I LOL'd at this comment from Harold Meyerson on today's op-ed page in the Washington Post:

"What exactly do economic conservatives believe now that their god is dead? What's become of the glories of privatized Social Security? Of the merits of 401(k)s vs. defined-benefit pensions?

No wonder we've seen a disoriented McCain wandering the moors howling about Bill Ayers."

rdl said...

I love her to and Keith of course. Great investigative blogging here crockhead - gonna use it over at my place.