Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sometimes Being A Lawyer Isn't Such A Bad Job

I heard some hollering in the back yard after I came home from work this evening and looked out the back door to see this poor guy, at work for the cable company. At least in my job, I get to keep both feet on the ground. Literally, if not always metaphorically.


Linda B. :) said...

Wow, driving a short distance to a classroom full of fifth graders looks like a piece of cake compared to this. :)

Amishlaw said...

I don't know Linda, sitting up on that wire looks pretty scary, but I think I would rather try that then try to keep a roomful of fifth graders occupied for a day. Aren't there days when they have you ready to climb trees to get away from them?

Anonymous said...

Why was he hollering? Was he OK? Did you offer assistance?

I had a brief moment of thinking that you ran grabbed your camera and noted the risks and quality traits of his job without offering to help him down!

Back to accounting work for me, although the risks for accountants means that you may go to jail for any missteps !

Amishlaw said...

Well, Anonymous Becky, I hope your moment of thinking me an uncaring, voyeur, willing to exploit a worker in danger for the sake of a picture was very brief. He was hollering at a co-worker, but I did not hear the word, "Help!"

I don't think you'll go to jail for your work. You are not a crook. You don't work for Enron, do you?

Are you going to be coming through Central Illinois this summer? The Wife and I are expecting you. She wants to show you her garden.