Monday, July 30, 2007

A Blog Milestone

At 1:33 p.m. today, some unknown reader from North America became the 10,000th visitor to this blog, started just about four weeks shy of two years ago. (For the sake of accuracy, actually, my sitemeter records visits, not distinct visitors, so I make no claims that 10,000 different people have visited the blog.) I started the blog to tell about a trip to Lucerne, Switzerland to see Number Two Son play the The Lucerne Festival with his quartet, JACK. I had previously gone on some trips and reported back about them by way of email, but saw blogging as a way of writing for an audience that wanted to read my material rather than spamming it to everyone in my address book.

When I got back, I couldn't stop. It has been way more fun than I imagined, and although I have reported on a few more trips, the scope of the blog has broadened to include book and movie reviews, politics, information about the Amish, and whatever happens to grab my fancy.

Thanks so much for stopping by. And, while anonymous browsing is fine, what really makes my day is when I get comments and get some idea of the personalities behind the cyber-clicks.

(By the way, JACK is leaving Friday for Davos, Switzerland where it is playing the Davos Festival on August 7th, and then the Lucerne Festival again on August 16th.)


Gnightgirl said...

Well, I'm still lurking over here, yours is one of my favorite reads!

Linda said...

I enjoy your blog. It's always very interesting and well written. Keep writing.

Amishlaw said...

Thanks, ladies. I love the feedback.

rdl said...

glad to be one to the 10,000.

Anonymous said...

So I'm the bean counter-does it count every time that we click on your blog to check it and see if there's something new? If so, I'm a multiple of the 10K since I usually check in when I'm on line.

It's always a great read for me. I love the book and movie commentary.

You always seem to know who I am as "anonymous"

Amishlaw said...

Yeah, Becky Bean Counter, every time you click on the link to see what's here, it counts you as a visitor. So you can help juice up my statistics by incessantly clicking and making it appear like I have a readership of millions.
There is no magic in figuring out who you are, although most of my readers really remain anonymous. My site meter sometimes tells me from what city the visitor came. You're the only person I know from your city. But it doesn't always identify the city, for what reason I don't know, so there is still some mystery involved. And you just might be able to get away with flaming me without me knowing who did it, if the inclination should ever hit you.