Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ask Aunt Tillie: Are All Amish Democrats?

Blogger's Note: Since this blog is somewhat Amishcentric, I get questions from time to time from readers about Amish life and culture, which I refer to my Aunt Tillie, an opinionated, but humble Amish woman. Here is a recent question and answer. Please leave a comment or email me if you have questions you want me to refer to her in the future.

Dear Aunt Tillie:

Your nephew, Amishlaw, always seems to be bashing Bush, and he has already declared himself as an Obamanian. Are all Amish Democrats or is your nephew a deviant?

(Signed Concerned Voter)

Dear Concerned Voter:

I won't offer any opinions about my nephew's deviancies, but I can assure you that not all Amish are Democrats. The party of evolution, abortion on demand and gay marriage? Are you kidding me? A better question would be are there any Amish who are Democrats? I read recently that in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the county with the highest concentration of Amish in the world, 97 percent of the Amish identify with the Republican Party. I read in The Budget (the Amish newspaper) how in 2004 Bush met with some Amish bishops in Lancaster County and got all weepy eyed about our simple religious lifestyle. I don't think you ever read about Hilary Clinton getting all weepy eyed about the Amish; Bill, maybe, but he gets weepy-eyed at everything.

I can't tell you how Amishlaw went wrong, but you have to remember he hasn't been Amish for 50 years. There's something about clopping down the road in a buggy staring at the rear end of a horse that gives you a little different perspective about life. (Blogger's note: So, that's where the Republicans get their platform.)

The only good Democrat I know about is Franklin D. Roosevelt because he saved grandfather's farm in the depression. Harry Truman dropped the atomic bomb and started the Korean War; John F. Kennedy tried to invade Cuba and got us started in Vietnam; Lyndon Johnson got us in a big mess in Vietnam; Jimmy Carter tried to invade Iran; and Bill Clinton -- he couldn't keep his britches buttoned. I know this latest guy, George W. Bush, has gone from one disaster to another, but I'm not sure he's really a Republican. He did go to Yale didn't he? And wasn't he a cheerleader? Sounds like a Democrat to me.

(Signed Aunt Tillie)


Lydia said...

While I'm not surprised to hear from Aunt Tillie that most Amish would consider themselves conservatives, I'd also point out that there are plenty of things that she and the Democrats could probably agree on. Things like supporting community rather than corporations, encouraging sustainable stewardship of the land, allowing other people to live their lives (and religious convictions!) without government interference, and the essential role of women in a livable society, just to name a few. One of the lessons that always astounds me when one looks at life outside of our dichotomous political system is how much even the most diverse amongst us share.

Amishlaw said...

I agree with you Lydia, but Aunt Tillie can be kind of cantakerous. I looked up the study about Lancaster County Amish and was shocked to learn that she is right about 97 percent of those identifying themselves with a political party (which may be a self-limiting number)said they were Republicans. I think Tillie needs to get out of her vegetable garden and see what the world is really like. But then she thinks I'm too worldly.

Linda B said...

Your sense of humor is very refreshing.


Lydia said...

Ah well, Amishlaw - vegetable gardens are infinitely more fun than the world. One of the characteristics I'm hoping to develop with each passing year is cantankerousness - maybe Aunt Tillie can give me pointers :).

Amishlaw said...

Thanks, Linda.
Lydia, just don't become a Republican. We've got enough Republican gardeners.

Lydia said...

No worries, Amishlaw - though I'm living in a sea of concrete, I'd be much more likely to become an asphalt gardener than a Republican.

rdl said...

Too funny!! and reminded me of a joke, must go write it down for next Joke Friday.