Sunday, June 03, 2007

News Flash: Fire Your Cleaning People

This is an actual article from our local "newspaper" yesterday. In all fairness, it is a reprint from the Akron Beacon Journal, so at least two editors had been drinking at work:

"Rather than dusting the top of the refrigerator periodically, cover it with plastic food wrap that you can peel off and replace every few months."

My first thought, after I stopped laughing, was why stop with the refrigerator? All those wooden surfaces that we are paying big bucks to have dusted every week could simply be covered with plastic wrap and the plastic replaced every week. I hope Mary Beth Breckenridge who came up with this idea hasn't patented it. I see a new career for my old age -- thinking up new surfaces to cover with plastic wrap. I'm pondering right now whether it will ever be necessary for me to have my shirts laundered again. I'm thinking plastic wrap around the collar and under the arms, and maybe down the front just before I sit down to eat, and voila, no more laundry bills.


Patry Francis said...

My cleaning person and me, and with her abysmal performance lately, she certainly deserves to be fired. Could plastic wrap be the answer?

jessie said...

ROFL... ROFL... ROFL... Okay, I'm better now, and by golly, I'm gonna go do it. I hate trying to get that nasty combo of dirt and grease off of there. And hey, why not the range hood, too...

Hey, don't you have packing to do or something? Bon voyage!

Lydia said...

Enh? People dust the top of their refridgerator on a regular basis? Like, more than every few months?

Wow. But there are millions of better things to be doing in this life than dusting or clingwrapping the top of one's fridge!