Friday, June 01, 2007

Jeremy and Lydia -- A Looong Time Ago

I have enjoyed getting acquainted again over the last several months with one of my readers, Lydia, from Boston whom I knew nearly 30 years ago when she lived across the street from us on Anita in Grosse Pointe Woods, MI. I don't know her email address and we have communicated by leaving notes on each other's blogs. Last night, I was looking at a scrapbook The Wife is compiling for Jeremy and Bomina and came upon this picture. With the blog turning Jeremy-o-centric for the next several weeks because of his upcoming wedding in Korea, I thought it appropriate to share the picture with the world, but particularly with Lydia. On the chance that she doesn't remember, the people in the picture, from the left, are: Jeremy, Shannon, Becky (not the Anonymous Becky who sometimes comments on this blog) and Lydia. The picture would have been taken sometime in 1978 or 1979.


Lydia said...

Aw! Of course, I remember Jeremy as being much more mature than this picture, which I'm sure he'll appreciate. :).

The parent bears, whom I'd sent to your blog, mentioned this entry to me. I have a point that y'all who were more adult at the time may feel free to correct me on, but isn't it Susie next to Jeremy, not Shannon? Not sure, but I'm guessing.

Also, I'm thinking we were in a red wagon? I seem to remember a lot of good times with little red wagons in that crowd (largely pulled by your long-suffering wife, blessings be upon her. Also, fond memories of your perfect-for-climbing pine tree).

I hope y'all have a wonderful time at the wedding in Korea and celebration back here in the states!

Lydia said...

Also, I hope Jeremy's new bride doesn't mind that he had hordes of fawning groupies - even at such a young age. :).

Amishlaw said...

Lydia, the wife thinks you're right; it is Susie instead of Shannon in the picture. They came from an interesting family. The Wife recalls their stay-at-home mother making a fresh pie every day for their father because he liked to have dessert every day and he didn't like leftovers. After all this time her memory may be flawed. I came home last night to find the driver's side door to her car open. She had gone into the house forgetting to close the door. So who knows if Susie and Shannon's father even liked pies.

rdl said...


Lydia said...

Heee! Oh, Susie and Shannon's father has been an entertainment in our household over the years, too. My dad's often said that he's tremendously grateful to Mr H for making him look so eminently reasonable in comparison.

I also remember than Shannon's first word was the sentence "that piece of cake is MINE."