Thursday, June 03, 2010

Travel Report: Off to the Big Apple To Deliver A Crib

Anonymous Becky wonders in a comment on the posting below whether I was sending some kind of coded message when I mentioned going to New York City to deliver a crib. I apologize. I had forgotten that I neglected to mention in this forum that Son Number Two and his wife, The Cellist, are expecting a baby, around October 1st. It will be a boy and I know the name, but I'm not telling until the parents announce the name.

The Wife and I are really excited about having a grandchild, and she is excited about being a grandmother. I have not yet gotten used to the idea of being old enough to be a grandparent, but I realize it's difficult to have a grandchild without being a grandparent. So, overall, I'm excited too. At this point, I'm drawing the line against being called "grandpa," or any of its variations. I think I'm going to try to get the little tyke to call me "crockhead," but it will probably come out "CaCa" or something so I'm sure my fight against cutesy is quixotic.

We're taking a baby crib that my father built for one of my younger siblings from a cedar tree cut from my grandfather's farm. So, that will be a physical connection from the baby to its great-great-grandfather. That is really exciting to me. The crib belongs to one of my brothers, we're not sure which one and had been stored at the Amish museum in Arcola. My brother, the Humble Carpenter-Farmer-Philosopher has worked very hard restoring the finish and bringing it up to modern codes by fixing the side so it won't slide down. It is looking just like I remember it looking when it was new. I will try to post a picture after we get it assembled in New York.

Besides delivering the crib, we're also taking the table we had made for SNT and TC for their wedding and various baby things TW had saved from when SNT was a baby, including his bedraggled teddy bear, one of his first outfits and his favorite baby books.

We're also going to hear SNT play while we're there. Friday night, SNT performs with a guitarist and some other people at some venue about which I am unsure at the moment. We'll find out when we get there. Saturday night, The JACK Quartet opens The Tribeca New Music Festival at Merkin Concert Hall. Sunday, we'll relax and Monday we'll head home.

The SUV is packed to the gills and I'm heading out to start the day off right by walking 3.6 miles before I come back to sit in the car all day.


Catch Her in the Wry said...

Congratulations on the grandbaby, Caca. Have a great weekend.

forsythia said...

A new grandbaby. Wondrous. Congratulations to Gramps, the grandma-to-be, and the parents.

rdl said...

Congrats!! have fun!!

becky said...

I can only imagine your anticipation having a baby in the family! Good friends of ours say that the first grandchild gives grandparents their nicknames so GaGa or CaCa are real possibilities for you.

Interesting that no matter what I comment as anonymous you still give me a name.

Crockhead said...

Sorry, Becky, just showing off how good a detective I am. When I get a comment from your neck of the woods, I know it's you. I won't do it again, if you truly want to be anonymous, but you never say anything that's going to get you in trouble.

JoAnn said...

You know what caca is in Spanish, don't you?

Crockhead said...

I had no idea, Jo Ann. Now I see where your son gets his meanness.