Saturday, June 19, 2010

JACK Report: A Nasty Cretin Gets His Comeuppance

I used to like to read National Review back when William F. Buckley was the editor.  Although conservative, he was intelligent, with a dry sense of humor (and, besides, I was more conservative back then when I was naive.)  The people running it now don't even try to write intelligently.  They have become part of the Tea Party snarling pack of  wild dogs determined to rip the flesh off any liberal or imagined liberal they can find.

But, I had to smile when I became upon Jay Nordlinger's article in National Review huffing and puffing about the leftist domination of new music.  His attempt to turn sounds into some kind of political statement is just stupid, but he did mention Son Number Two's JACK Quartet, and there is no thing as bad publicity in the arts world.  He lumps JACK in with the whole leftist music conspiracy, which is fine by me.  They could be criticized for a lot of things worse than being part of a leftist cabal.

Now another blogger, takes after Nordlinger with a vengeance.  He calls Nordlinger a "nasty cretin" and "an obvious idiot and a boor." I don't know why he's holding back.  I could give him some additional epithets, but Nordlinger doesn't deserve the time and space.  I will make sure that the blogger gets on JACK's mailing list.


PG said...

I liked this post, John, especially saying you were more conservative back when you were more naive. And you know how much I admire JACK quartet.

You should listen to last week's sermon at East Bend by Royal Springer. He quotes Fox News, Bret Hume, Cal Thomas, and longs for the day when we waved the flag, when young men joined the army and women stayed home and raised the kids. He said this in the first minutes of the "sermon."

Debra said...

Have enjoyed visiting your blog tonight by way of Forsythia's(?)blog.

I remember back in the day when I was extremely conservative...and I then I grew old! LOL! Or maybe grew up? Now more conservativly liberal. Living in the south does not make this easy...

Will visit again, love your book reviews,


rdl said...