Friday, December 25, 2009

JACK Report: LA Times Says Watch Them in 2010

Not that I needed any encouragement, but I will certainly follow the advice of the LA Times which says the JACK Quartet is one of the "faces to watch in 2010." The Quartet makes its LA debut in April, playing an absolutely astounding piece in total darkness. We heard them play it, the "String Quartet No. 3, In iij Noct," by Georg Fredrich Haas, in Chicago. Even the exit light bulbs had been removed, and the audience sat in the middle, with the chairs turned higgly-piggly, every which way, in the middle of the room, with the quartet players stationed at each corner. It was almost an hallucinogenic experience. Unlike some new music, this was very listenable.


rdl said...

Congrats! and Merry Xmas!!

sculptress said...

I just purchased one of JACK Quartest CD's. I love it! Just turned some friends on to it as well! Congratualtions!