Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Gratitude Concert

Son Number Two's first violin teacher, Ken Wollberg is in the news these days. He taught SNT for three years starting at age 8, before going to Korea for a few years with his wife, an English teacher there, (setting in motion the chain of events resulting in Son Number One going to Korea, and our getting a Korean daughter-in-law.) After coming back from Korea, and teaching violin in southern Illinois for a while, Ken went into truck driving and was in a serious accident that threatened to end his violin-playing permanently. AP has the story and the national media has picked it up. Here's the MSNBC version.


forsythia said...

A beautiful story. Thanks.

rdl said...

Amazing story - thanks for sharing.

rdl said...

Just stopping by to see if your Acadamy post was up yet. I'll be patient.