Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes We Can!

It is hard to believe that Barack Obama actually did it, and he won big. The first president in a long time to get a majority of the votes cast, and the largest electoral vote margin in many years. I found myself getting angry listening to Obama's victory speech in Grant Park. Angry that we have had to put with eight years of a president who was a stumblebum; unable to form a logical thought or to articulate a rationale for what he was trying to do.

I thought Obama seemed a little subdued at his Grant Park victory party, maybe realizing that this is no longer a game; he is now responsible for leading a country that is in as dire shape. If we are to get out of the hole that neocon policies have put us, Obama is the person to do it, but it isn't going to be easy. I think he can do it. With our help. Yes, we can!


Anonymous said...

It is a job that most would NEVER want. It will be tough, but as I've heard throughout the day, Americans over-all are hopeful, optimistic "can-do" people so we will be a part of the change as much as we were part of the election.

McCain did a great job in his message last night; maybe he'll get back to his original self and become part of the change that Washington needs to support the Executive office.

rdl said...

I've been pinching myself all day!
i couldn't be happier!