Saturday, June 14, 2008

Groceries Report: Words You Will Never Hear From My Lips

Overheard at our local Aldi's this morning:

"Honey, do ya want the che-ese pu-uffs or the che-ese cu-rls?"
"The che-ese cu-rls."

(Not that my purchases were all completely pure. I just have different sins.)


Gnightgirl said...

Something I've only ever said at Aldi's:

"I'll give you a quarter for your cart."

Lydia said...

Heh, my mom often is entertained at how different people in line at the grocery store can come out with such Vastly different purchases.

Mmmmm, cheesey poofs! My favorite are the organic bleu cheese and jalapeno cheesey poofs at my co-op. It's organic, it Must be healthy! :D