Sunday, June 08, 2008

Clinton Concession: What do you think?

Here's Hillary Clinton's concession speech Saturday (it's about half an hour long.) Regular readers know that I have not been a fan of hers for many years -- actually, since I heard her speak in our town in 1992 when she was campaigning for Bill. Some of you have been Hillary supporters. What do you think about her concession speech? Is she being gracious and will she be on board the Obama campaign, doing everything she can to help him, or will it still be all about her?


easy said...

I think she hit a home run with her speech. If she wouldn't have fought hard for the nomination, she would've been criticized for not being tough enough. Politics isn't for ninnys, especially in a tight race. I believe the party and the country are better off because of the intensity of the primary. Couldn't have happened with out her. I predict her influence is only going to increase.

rdl said...

I think it was a good speech. i hope she is sincere and works hard for him.