Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Brother the Restorer

For those of you who know my brother, Wilmer (for whom I do not have a pseudonymn, although the Amish brats at Yoder School used to call him "Four Eyes," because he wore very thick glasses as a young man,) there is a very nice article about his building restoration projects in our local fish wrapper here. Wilmer is the most creative business person I have ever known. He is always coming up with ideas that no one has ever tried before. It was also exceedingly frustrating to try to represent him as his lawyer. But those stories will have to wait for some other time. He well deserves the praise he gets in the article.


Lauren said...

What a lovely post. And thank you for asking me about my blog.

Ich bin auch Amish said...

Wilmer, an adventurer with an exciting will to see beyond the horizon; but also a friend with a frustrating propensity to fail to look around the corner.

Linda said...

I really enjoyed the article about Wilmer. He's such a neat person. I still remember our fun days at Rosedale Bible School.

Thank you for posting the article.

Amishlaw said...

Lauren, I think you meant your comment for the previous post, but thanks anyway.

Ich and Linda, you know things are always exciting when Wilmer is around.