Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Follow Up On John Irving

I mentioned John Irving's Until I Find You in my post about books on May 12, 2006. Now, one of my anonymous readers has sent me a picture of himself with Irving at a reception in Vienna. Irving is on the right. Some of my readers will recognize my anonymous correspondent on the left. He likes to meet celebrities but he won't write about his experiences for public consumption. Among the other famous people with whom he has spent quality time, i.e. more than just shaking their hands, are: Bo Derek, Helmut Kohl, Nadine Gordimer, Paula Zahn, Lisa Henson, Harvey Cox and I'm sure many others whose names I can't remember off the top of my head. He has also lived for extended periods in Central America, Africa and Europe, but he won't write about his experiences for public consumption, something I give him grief about every time I see him. Consider this more grief, anonymous.


The Decider said...


You fail to grasp the concept of my blog. It is about letting people spy on me. In that regard, it is like John Irving's book, Until I Find You, a book you revere and I think is too much about penis-holding.

I haven't been able to comment to your blog lately. You are too prolific, too well-read, and too smart, despite your pretense to be simply Amish.

But, for your benefit, I will cross post this comment to your blog. Otherwise, you might miss it.

Esta bien?

Amishlaw said...

The decider, I never said I revere John Irving. I revere Larry McMurtry, Elmore Leonard and Patry Francis, but Irving I can take or leave. I did like "When I Find You." As for your implication that Amish are not prolific, well-read and smart, I think you should apologize. Amish are nothing if not prolific, in the original sense of the word. And they are well read, they just don't spend a lot of time reading fiction. As for smart, there are thousands of Amish who are smarter than you or me. As for trying to suck up to me by implying I am smart, it won't work. I know smart people. I have smart children and relatives. I am not one of them. I work hard with very pedestrian abilities.

The Decider said...

Pedestrian like a fox. You're right. Your entire comment proves how much smarter you are than I. Maybe you are Amish after all.

Amishlaw said...

See I don't even know if it's supposed to be "smarter than me" or "smarter than I." Since you're the English major, I assume you're correct. I'm barely literate.

rdl said...

Interesting dialogue here. Trying to decide whether to add this one to my way too long list.