Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Why Do You Read This Blog?

I have a program that tells me what google searches lead readers to this blog. It's always interesting to see where they come from. In the last five days, people got here by searching the following terms:

* the edge of reason bookreport
* oberlin organ major
* history on the first plays
* zadie smith white teeth satire
* wikkipedia elderly learners
* schtick cards
* rantoul and die
* michel foucault discipline + punish the birth of the prison
* brokeback mountain graphic description
* silas marner report
* mt. pilatus alpine slide
* boy wearing a dress
* book report - silas marner
* a tramp abroad student life, Germany, Switzerland
* rantoul and die
* king charles ii - movie
* rantoul and die
* mark roberts + two and a half men
* limat river map
* silas marner community effects

It would be very interesting to know the stories behind some of these queries. Why in the world would anyone be looking up "schtick cards?" And it would be interesting to know whether the searchers found what they were looking for on these pages.

This blog has taken a little different direction since I first started it in September, 2005, as mainly a travelogue about our trip to Lucern, Switzerland. There is more about books and movies and politics than I had anticipated. It is also way more fun than I had anticipated. One of my dreams had been that when I get to this age, I would retire and move to the Southwest, buy a small weekly newspaper and write outrageous editorials that would piss everyone off. I'm not going to be able to realize that dream, but blogging offers everything but the low humidity.

So, whoever you are, I hope you keep coming back, and please leave comments or send me an email telling me who you are. (You can find my email address by clicking on my profile.)


Dan S said...

That's a cool search tool. Where did you find it?

For myself, I come to your site because I like watching Mennonites argue with each other. :)

Jess said...

Interesting tool you got there. I'm glad there was an 'other' way to find ya, though--pretty unlikely I would ever have googled any of those terms. I come by because there are precious few male voices in my brick-and-mortar life and it's a pleasure to find one who's intelligent and communicative.

rdl said...

I will most certainly be coming back . You're right blogging is fun, especially for us writer wannabees.

Amishlaw said...

Dan S, there are a lot of such tools out there, which you can find with the ever helpful google. I use the one at Argue? Only with p.g., who would argue with the pope. Well, particularly the pope.

jess, ahh, shucks, I get all embarassed and tongue tied when you go talking like that.

rdl, I appreciate your support.

Anonymous said...

I like your irreverance, your intelligence and opinions. I've known you for ages but feel that I'm getting to know you through your writing.

I was first hooked on your writing a few years ago when you journalized the trip to Korea. You should make that available for those who haven't read it. Becky