Friday, September 23, 2005


I have to warn my faithful readers that I am going on two short trips in the next several weeks that are likely to elicit another spasm of prose.

The first will be the first weekend in October when I will be attending my niece's wedding in Bloomington, IN. This will be interesting for a number of reasons, not least of which is that my brother, the real estate wheeler-dealer, will be doing the nuptials. I am a little jealous of him, having thought that my 18 months seniority in age and my occupation as a "man of the law," would have made me the natural person to ask to do the wedding ceremony. Apparently, the fact that my brother has a mail-order ordination from the Universal Life Church, dating back about 30 years trumped my otherwise superior qualifications. I'm sure in this day of the internet, I could have gotten an equally valid license in short order, but my gentle hints were ignored. My brother refers to himself as "the sensible one" in our clan, which tells you more about him than the rest of us. Anyone who has to go to such pains to establish his bona fides has valid reason for thinking that people might question them. I am sure that the wedding ceremony will be somewhat unlike most of the ones being performed in the rest of America that Saturday.

The following week, I am going to Atlanta for a reunion of some buddies of 37 years ago when we were all farm boys doing our alternative service as conscientious objectors in Flint, MI. We had our first reunion last year in Portland, OR and had such fun we decided to do it again this year in Atlanta. My buddies have all become right-wing Republicans, but miraculously, last year, the subject of politics did not come up. I didn't say anything because I know when I am out-numbered, and they did not say anything because they have a lot of class. But going deep in Dixie with a bunch of George Bush supporters is sure to get my juices flowing. Whether the juices will be creative or tiresome, I will leave to others to judge.


Debra said...

Hmmmm . . . might the psuedo preacher be Wilmer? Just curious. And do I know any of your I-W buddies or was it VS? Hope you have at least as much fun in Atlanta as I had in Charlotte!

Amishlaw said...

That's who it was. He did a good job. I'll describe the wedding when I have more time.