Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A Familiar Sight in Lucerne

When we got to Lucerne, we headed first to the Tourist Information office to get instructions on how to get to our pension. The first thing we saw when we walked in the door of the TI office was a large 4x6 poster advertising the Lucerne Festival. Featured prominently on the poster was a picture from last year`s festival. It showed the famous conductor, Pierre Boulez, making his way through the Academy Orchestra string section, with our son, Chris, standing directly in front of him, in the center of the picture. (Chris tried to be dismissive, when we mentioned this sight later. "Oh, those posters are all over town." Oh, well, then, I guess we shouldn`t be impressed.

On this trip, like on all of our trips, we use only public transportation (well, as much as possible. We did use taxis quite a bit in Korea, but everyone does; they`re very plentiful and cheap in Korea. In Lucerne, so far, I have seen one taxi.) Part of the challenge of being in a new place is trying to figure out how to use the public transportation to get around. Which bus do you take? Where do you catch it? Where do you buy tickets?-


Anonymous said...

John, try to snag me one of the posters with Chris and Pierre. It would look great on my office.


Anonymous said...

Are you able to post photos? a good shot of the poster would be great. I'm still reacting to the remarkable encounter with "violinist on the train" who, just happens to know the more-famous-than-we've-realized, Christopher Otto. Would it be appropriate to call him a "chip off the old crockhead"?

I am so much enjoying your travel commentary. Thanks for sharing it.

now identified "anonymous" Becky

Amishlaw said...

I know this blog is hard to follow with the jumping around in time, but the "violinist on the train" wasn`t on the train, but in the internet cafe in the booth next to mine. That`s how I lost an hour of typing. But thanks for letting me know you`re reading, Anonymous Becky.