Saturday, July 11, 2015

Proof That I Used To Be Cute

In the first picture, the line up is Jo Ann, me, Gene and Wilmer; in the second, its JoAnn; in the third its Wilmer, Jo Ann and me.

These pictures were taken around the time when I had the job of going to the milk house in the dark to turn off the diesel power plant, as described below.  These are pictures taken by my "worldly" aunt, Emma, who ran off to New York City and eventually became a registered nurse.  Her highest formal education before she took off for NYC was eighth grade.  We children admired her immensely.  I remember her as wearing very tight skirts, high heels and with smoldering good looks that could have passed as Puerto Rican.  We children admired her greatly, and probably that admiration led to our eventual apostasy.These are the only childhood pictures of me of which I am aware.  By this time, my parents were probably not "good" Amish in terms of belief, but still very Amish in terms of dress.

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