Sunday, March 06, 2011

What I Saw Under the Table Last Night

Last night I attended a dinner hosted by a group that promotes discussion and understanding among the Abrahamic religions (Jewish, Christian, Muslim, all of whom claim the blessing God supposedly gave to the descendants of Abraham.) I went primarily to support my brother, the Humble Philosopher/Carpenter/Farmer who gave the initial presentation about a document called A Common Word Between Us and You, prepared by a group of Muslim scholars and religious leaders to Pope Benedict and other Christian leaders following a speech by the Pope in which he appeared to denigrade Muslims (once again.) A rabbi, the head of a local Christian seminary and a Muslim leader spoke in response to the letter. The food was good, the discussion was interesting and I really was not looking under the tables because I was bored. Honest. Nor because I have a shoe fetish.

It was purely accidental that I happened to glance under a table and saw some very sexy-looking very high heeled shoes being worn by a Muslim woman in full hijab. She had everything covered from top to bottom except her face and her shoes. She looked good. Actually, to this old man, she looked better than Britney Spears climbing out of a limousine with a very short skirt hiked up to her waist and not wearing underwear. But, then, that's probably because I grew up Amish where the most daring footwear a young woman could put on were sneakers.


Catch Her in the Wry said...

Being sexy is all about the "tease." It makes you wonder and ache for more. It's more about mystery and anticipation than blatancy. Too bad much of the younger crowd doesn't understand that.

Gretchen said...

And did you steal these shoes? Is there also something dark under the table?

Which brother spoke at a dinner? Ed Martin, the new director of our Center for Interfaith Engagement at EMU, and I are talking about coming out your way to learn about your interfaith efforts and think about ways our center can be a resource.

Crockhead said...

Gretchen, those aren't the actual shoes. These are stock photos (have Robert explain it to you.) Dannie spoke at the dinner. Let us know if you're coming and we'll entertain you. It's flat but fun.

rdl said...

:D great post. will look up all those informative/interesting link.