Saturday, April 17, 2010

Prove You're Not An Idiot, Mayor Schweighart

This is a video of the mayor of my city at a Tea Party rally on Thursday. He is a retired police officer and should know better than to say something this stupid.

In today's local newspaper, the Mayor defended himself by saying that he was asked for and gave his opinion. As The Wife has pointed out, whether President Obama is a citizen is not an opinion, it's a question of fact. Mayor Schweighart can't produce his original birth certificate either, it's in the custody of the Champaign County Clerk and will stay there no matter what Mayor Schweighart does. The only thing the mayor can do is the same thing Obama did; produce a copy.

So, here's my opinion, Mayor Schweighart. You're an idiot. Until you produce the original IQ test showing you're not, you're not qualified to be mayor of my city.

Here's a tongue-in-cheek YouTube video produced by someone making essentially the same point.


Northeast Elizabeth said...

Actually, Mayor Schweighart is quite correct about the documentation issue.

(1). Obama has produced only a 2008, computer-generated "Certification [NOT "Certificate"] of Live Birth.". It is NOT the 1961, original, contemporaneous certificate issued by the hospital and signed by the attending physician at the time of birth (nor is it a photocopy of that document). Rather, is is merely a statement by current Hawaii officials that certain, unspecified vital records were in its database. The officials have refused to say whether an actual 1961 Certificate is among them.

(2) If, in fact, Hawaii's Department of Health possesses Obama's original 1961 Certificate, Obama could easily request a copy and release it to the public. That's precisely what he did with the 2008 Certification.

(3) You should be very careful how you use the word "original." Those who are requesting proof of Obama's birth are simply requesting an "original" in the sense of the first, contemporaneous 1961 certificate - a copy of that would be fine. Unfortunately, some of Obama's supporters are confusing the issue by calling the computer-generated 2008 Certification an "original" merely because the particular piece of paper scanned and posted came fresh out of Hawaii's printer and has a raised stamped -- rather than being photocopied first. But it in no way resembles the typewritten 1961 ceetificate issued by the hospital.

Crockhead said...

I guess the Northeast has idiots too.

Catch Her in the Wry said...

Since I believe ALL politicians are idiots, I have to agree with you on this one.

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PG said...

Schweighart is a racist. The Tea Party is founded in racism. He should be removed as mayor. They never admit their racism; they don't even realize it. A 15-year-old unarmed black boy was shot by police last year, one of many such attacks by local police on black citizens. At the council meeting, Schweighart yawned, smirked, and did not pay attention. As soon as I can afford it and when my parents pass, I am moving from this country. I am tired of the idiocy.

Crockhead said...

Catch, I would agree with you if you said all politicians are self-aggrandizing, ambitious, preening, double-talking and/or untrustworthy. But idiots? No, some are quite smart. Mayor Schweighart is an idiot, of an order much worse than the general run of politicians. To be spouting that birther crap on camera is really just unbelievable.

forsythia said...

Oh, for heaven sake. Somehow I was given the "original" of my birth certificate. It looks "doctored." That's because it was. When my stepmother adopted me after my 21st birthday (don't ask), they simply cut the old one in half to romove my birth mother's name and wrote my stepmother's name on the the bottom half of a blank form and scotch-taped the old top and the new bottom together. When I was being polygraphed for a security clearance, the technician laughed when he saw it but accepted it as the real deal.