Tuesday, January 26, 2010

JACK Report: Montgomery, AL Is Promoting The Heck Out of Them

There are other things happening besides son, Chris, playing with the JACK Quartet, but right now exciting things are happening with the Quartet. They're in Montgomery, AL right now, getting ready for their appearances in several ClefWorks concerts. Here is an interesting promotional video put out today in Montgomery.

Here is the review in The Philadelphia Inquirer of a performance this past weekend that the lady in the video talked about.


Anonymous said...

Apparently there's no stopping them, now. To be potentially "stalked" is a new form of compliment ?!

Congrats on their achievements.

forsythia said...

I understood every word the lady said. How disappointing! The Southern accent seems to be disappearing.

sculptress said...

I am, once again, impressed and amazed! I love how they put 2 mediums together: music and cartoons. "I've been JACKED!"