Saturday, November 07, 2009

Jon Stewart: An Antidote For The Craziness

Jon Stewart is an absolute genius. Even if you're drinking the kool-aid being handed out these days by Republican wackos like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Baughman, Sarah Palin and the whole Fox News network, this has to make you laugh.

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Catch Her in the Wry said...

You'll be pleased to know I've never listened to Glenn Beck and don't pay much attention to those others you mentioned. That probably explains why I didn't get the humor in this video.

Maybe I should get cable TV so I know what's going on in the world.

sculptress said...

John Stewart is one of the funniest Political Humorists I have ever seen.
I love the 11 principles and 3 herbs and spices, but it might hurt my internal organs. Too funny!

PG said...

Something is definitely wrong here. I completely agree with the Crockhead.