Thursday, August 06, 2009

Remember Me?

I promised a friend I would start blogging again, so here goes. Don't ask me why I stopped writing at the end of May, I just did. It didn't seem like I had anything new, creative or interesting to post. It still doesn't. But, I need to write, so I'll just post boring stuff until my creative juices get flowing again.

Right now, I'm waiting at Midway Airport in Chicago for my flight to Portland, Oregon, by way of Salt Lake City. They have rocking chairs in the concourse C waiting area. Fantastic!

Last week, we were in Pentwater, MI with The Wife's family. We had a good time. The sunsets and weather were spectacular as usual.

Next week, Sun Number Two gets married on Long Island, NY. That will be exciting. I will get back from Portland on Sunday night, work two days and then head off to NYC on Wednesday, back the following Monday. The Wife's school starts the day after we get back, so she's skipping the trip to Portland.

Okay, I kept my promise; I posted. I'll try to make it interesting next time.


rdl said...

Yes, good to see you here again. I was begining to think Jimmy Johns might be right - only kidding. can't wait to see pics/read bout the fancy NY wedding or Portland - never been there. el

Jim said...

Ears on...

forsythia said...

Guess you got a lotta Frequent Flyer miles. Airplanes sure are better than a horse-and-buggy for getting from point A to point B. We're off to Ohio again. Nine hours in the Toyota. We don't do planes much.

Anonymous said...

My husband and both traveled last week with no trouble or delays to speak of. These problems are not so common. I don't think that we share positive experiences as readily as we share the unfortunate bad experiences.

Happy travels on your return and the NYC trip!! take books for the delays and maximize the benefit of your people watching; its always heightened in stressful, travel environments.