Saturday, August 23, 2008

Underwhelmed by Biden

There is no doubt that Obama is a lot smarter than I am, and he has a political team that has demonstrated its ability to pull off miracles. So there is no reason anyone should listen to me complain about Obama's vice presidential selection. I'm just not very excited about a running mate who is the quintessential Washington insider. Going to meetings is not my idea of accomplishment, and that is essentially what Senators do -- go to endless meetings. Biden strikes me as another preening, self-absorbed Washington politician, with the added disadvantage of being so windy that his talking has become the object of jokes. He's like Joe Lieberman with a chin.

But if Obama has decided that's the running mate who will help win the election, I'll swallow my misgivings. If he thinks Biden will help him win, fine. I'll feel a lot better about the selection if McCain makes the "brilliant" move of selecting Lieberman as his running mate. Biden would look good in comparison.


Gnightgirl said...

Obama is smarter than you are?

You underestimate!

I'm just happy it wasn't Hillary. I liked her ok, but it would have been political suicide. Apparently, that was apparent.

I actually goose-bumped, and teared up, today, listening to Biden's speech, from Springfield, and knowing I had friends in the crowd.

Lydia said...

Um, in the vernacular of my comrades, wordy-mcWORD. My friends and I were all talking about how Biden elicits a big MEH from everyone we know.

But, yeah, if he helps elect Obama? We're there.

Crockhead said...

Good night, gnightgirl, I hope you're wrong about who is smarter, or our country is in worse shape than we thought. If you goose-bumped and teared up listening to Biden, then I'm not only dumber than Obama, but I'm wrong about being underwhelmed by Biden.

I'm in a different generation all right, vernaculosity-wise, Lydia. "McWord?" "MEH?" I would understand "groovy."

easy said...

crockhead! damn you're grouchy! who would you've been happy with? The guy rides the fricken train home to Delaware! match that up to mittens romney and we've got their elitist crap attack line kicked. not to mention he knows what's going on in the world,,, and he knows how to kick swawns!!!

Crockhead said...

Easy, I would have been happier with Hagel or a woman, say Sibelius or Claire McCaskill. The elitist crap against Obama is just that -- crap. It wasn't going to get much traction from a guy with seven houses who married a billionaire beer heiress against a guy who at the Democratic convention just eight years ago had trouble renting a car because of credit card problems. The more I read about Biden the less I like him. So he lives an hour away from Washington, why shouldn't he go home every night? The bankruptcy bill he helped pass is one of the worst laws to come out of Washington in my memory. Turns out Biden's son was on MBNA's payroll. See

Momo said...

It had the opposite effect on me - I was truly THRILLED that he chose Biden! In fact, I was lamenting to Gnightgirl earlier in the week when I thought it wasn't going to be Biden!

I have always liked that he's outspoken and I like that he adds experience to the Obama team. (The experience issue not being a problem for me - but I'm tired of hearing about it from the other side.)

I'm also glad he went with someone that I'm familiar with...I'm not extremely well versed in the whole political scene so some of the other potential nominees were brand new names to me.

I can't wait until November!

rdl said...

my intial reaction to Biden was questioning but he won me over with his story and his humanity. actually his speech was my favorite of the whole convention - maybe even obamas - tho his was brillant and inspiring!!