Thursday, May 17, 2007

I Got Them Wedding Blues

As regular readers know, our oldest son is having a wedding in Korea on June 8th. We (8 other crockheads and I) are going to Korea for the traditional Korean ceremony and then we're all, including the bride's family coming back here for a reception on June 22nd. My wife, peace be upon her, is taking the opportunity to plan the reception we never had. (We got married under the weeping willow tree in her parents' back yard 36 years ago with only immediate family present, ate a meal cooked by her mother, and then left on our honeymoon trip to Toronto and Montreal to get on with the good stuff.)

I haven't been much help with the planning and preparation since it's mostly humbug to me. But my wife, peace be upon her, has spent a lot of time checking out reception possibilities, dresses, flowers, getting invitations made and sent out, and a million other things that I know nothing about. (Peace be upon me.)

So, in late summer last year, after visiting or talking with every possible place in our twin cities to have a wedding reception, my wife, peace be upon her, settled on the very elegant and lovely Kennedy's at Stone Creek. She went there several times with my sister-in-law, peace be upon her, figuring out things (don't ask me what; I don't even know what needs figuring out.) (Well, I know once when they went there they figured out how to help the staff get a snake out of the foyer, but I can't imagine what else would need so much figuring out.)

On Tuesday of this week, my wife, peace be upon her, and my sister-in-law, peace be upon her, went back to the lovely and elegant Kennedy's at Stone Creek to make the final menu selections. There was a slight problem. The woman they had been working with was no longer there. The new person knew nothing about our wedding reception and had booked the banquet hall to another party. There was no record that we had ever spoken with them. Things started getting a little tense. Invitations had already gone out several weeks ago. RSVPs have been coming in. About 100 people, maybe 120 people are thinking they have been invited to a wedding reception at Kennedy's at Stone Creek.

But, luckily, my wife, peace be upon her, found her receipt for a $500 deposit. And, Kennedy's, peace be upon them, agreed to do the right thing. So, they're closing the restaurant for the evening and we can have the reception in there. The restaurant is nicer than the banquet hall, anyway. Both have nice windows overlooking the golf course, but the restaurant has more character; and will set up as a nicer place for the reception, or so my wedding planners, peace be upon them, tell me.

After arriving home from that near fiasco, which turned out okay, my wife, peace be upon her, decided she better double check with the music guy, to make sure he's still lined up. He wasn't. Oh, yes, he remembered talking with my son about the reception; oh, yes, my son had sent him a playlist of songs, but somehow he had not written down a reservation. That, too, turned out okay because he did not have a competing booking.

So all's well that ends well. (Except this thing hasn't ended yet.)


rdl said...

alls well that ends well.

Anonymous said...

That's a true story about the snake in the foyer. Beth (peacebeuponher)was a girl scout in a former life (is that true or did I just make it up? I'm not sure) and escorted it outside with the assistance of a small stick. Guess it was done golfing and came in to check out the cuisine. The next near-miss on reception plans: The florist had the date as May 22 instead of June 22. Visions of seriously wilted flowers floating in stale water were averted by a call to the florist.
The Wife (peacebeuponme)

jessie said...

Is it rude if I ROFL? Because I can stop anytime... I think...

Lydia said...

Wow. So Much Averted Drama - thanks to Really Vigilant planning on the part of your wife, peace be upon her!

(I think I was unfamiliar with this "peace be upon her", but I like it!)