Saturday, April 28, 2007

New York Report: I Love New York

I'm in New York City, having arrived Friday afternoon for Chris's concert with JACK tonight. We went to the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art yesterday afternoon (free after 4 p.m. and nothing much is free in New York.) What a surfeit of riches at MOMA. We spent several hours and barely dented the possibilities. I like it better than the Chicago Art Museum or the Louvre, maybe equal with Musee D'Orsai in Paris, because it has more of the art I like, less of the boring stuff.

We met Chris for dinner at a great Thai place just around the corner from Carnegie Hall. Where to meet? Why, just under his picture, of course. JACK is promoted, just like they were a big time group. Chris is all smiles. He has been having a great week. He announces at dinner that he and his girlfriend are going to move to New York this summer. I think I know, but just to be sure, I ask, "You mean, like, you're both going to be in New York, or you're going to live together in New York?" Well, I didn't want to make any assumptions. I did offer to buy champagne instead of sinking weeping to my knees.

The New York Times for Friday lists among its classical music offerings for the weekend the "Kronos Young Artists Concert" with "four emerging quartets." We're hoping somebody reviews the concert Saturday night.

There's lots more I could tell, and will after I get back home, but at $18 an hour, this abbreviated report will have to do for now.


Anonymous said...

Sounds exciting ! Chris, JACK, Kronos and the girlfriend. Congrats to all. I expect to read your review of the Carnegie Hall event. Becky

Gnightgirl said...

This all does sound exhilarating! Even I'm proud!

($18 for internet access?)

Lauren said...

I love MOMA too. Even the gift shop.

rdl said...

You're a good Dad. didn't notice this post before i asked you to write more above.

Trucking Fiddler said...

Must tell you - we tried to get to the Urbana concert of JACK. We were in Tampa and got a load from Alabama to Chicago via C-U, but couldn't've been in time for the concert. It wasn't such a good load anyway - just took it to get to the concert. Since that didn't work out we took a better load - skipping C-U...we tried. So good to hear about it and NYC though. Wow-heady stuff! I'm impressed. (I must've been a really good teacher! - joke :-)