Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Questions Are

Here is a list of the searches that brought readers to my blog over the last four days. A few might have found what they were looking for. In many cases, I imagine they were disappointed. If any wander back here, I would love to hear from them.

* two and one-half men cast
* footnotes for Silas Marner
* 27s not me whom
* discipline in a student life wikkipedia
* david bordwell
* mrs henderson presents barber
* amish
* joi hofsommer
* ruth irene garrett
* oprah winfrey sold Kirby vacuum cleaners
* classic book reviews jane austen
* the grapes of wrath john steinbeck 600 pages
* silas marner tape
* swartzendruber amish
* meadowbrook park garden plots
* worst analogies
* crockhead abroad
* review guy debord revolution in the service of poetry
* tillie carrier deck


rdl said...

wow, that's pretty impressive. i love looking at site meter too, that's alot of the appeal, seeing where people are from and how they got there.

PG said...

Hey, I snuck back for a peek after swearing you off. You get hits even when you're in a fallow period. You need to write more often.