Saturday, February 25, 2006

What's Going On in Iraq?

Not that I'm a big fan of William F. Buckley, the founder of the National Review, but it's interesting that Mr. Conservative has now concluded that the Bush Administration cannot win in Iraq; should admit defeat and withdraw the troops. See article.

In a not unrelated note, the Pentagon announced yesterday that the only Iraqi battalion that had been able to fight on its own has been downgraded and can now only fight with U.S. support. See article here.

I know the supporters of the war are not deterred by bad news. They think it is just the bad media ignoring the successes. I wonder how many more "successes" we and the Iraqis can stand.


rdl said...

I can't stand any of it. nice report.

pgspringer said...

We'll never leave. Not as long as Bush is in office. Ted Koppel's op-ed piece in the Times last week was right: it's about the oil.

There's always an ulterior motive in whatever this administration allows to happen. The foreign port scandal will strengthen Republicans coming up for re-election. It may weaken Bush, but he can't be re-elected anyway.

And it's too late to reverse the effects of global warming. Give up.

Dan S said...

Usually when the news gets really bad, there is a leaked report of some terrorist plot that was foiled a few months ago. However, they just played this card a week or so ago, when the wiretapping scandal got too overheated, so I doubt they can use it again so soon.

There are also reports now of deaths squads being operated by the Iraqi Interior Ministray (see I guess Freddom really isn't free after all.

Dan S said...

Actually, neither Freddom or Freedom is free.

Amishlaw said...

Well, pgspringer and dan s, you're more cynical than I am. I think Bush and his crew are honestly trying to do the best they can and the lies they tell are motivated more by self-deception than a deliberate plan to mislead. I think they really didn't realize what their misadventure in Iraq would lead to, not that there weren't plenty of warnings, but their zeal to show their toughness didn't permit them to listen to the warnings. Now they have themselves in a box with no exit short of admitting they were wrong.

Dan S said...

I agree that they believe their end goals to be worthy and righteous. But I don't think they are too concerned with what nefarious deeds are necessary to accomplish those goals. They are finally finding that means do indeed matter towards accomplishing goals.

And, I think when Karl Rove is involved, there are plenty of deliberate plans to mislead, starting with their smearing of John McCain in 2000, and continuing with John O'Neill, Richard Clark, Joseph Wilson, and John Murtha.

pgspringer said...

Amen. What is not frequently discussed is how POWER figures into the formula. Rove, in particular, is addicted to it.